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Hueking Printing CO., Ltd. was found in 1983.

Since the company had been established, basis on "service, innovation, quality, efficiency" the objective, unceasingly strives for newly, to ask to change, to strive for the progress. Gathers all colleague's specialty, grasps continues forever the management the policy, the coordinate consistent work principle, for enhances the product quality and the color accuracy, and simultaneously reduces the customer cost, besides develops the new material, our company is in spare no effort in the equipment renewal.

This company is starts from 2004 to carry on the existing machine material equipment the renewal. The printer starts from basic four colors offset, to aims at high quality, special material quality UV of special-purpose printer new style 6+1 colors, and continues in the introduction.

Moreover, besides printing equipment, in order to processes in accordance to the customer to after the multiplex demand, the related equipment also as necessary renews. Hoped the affiliation equipment technology is not stopping the progress, provides the customer to be finer, the low cost product.

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